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Fighting Game, Board Game, Deck Buliding, Everything of them are alive here.

"SAKURA ARMS" is a Fighting board game with Japanese resonance, for 2 players. A game consists of three steps; Flowers in the Hands, Construction under Confronting, Duel under the SAKURA.

Flowers in the Hands: Choosing two characters is more awesome than choosing only one.

You have a special power, asking supernatural help of two MEGAMIs (Japanese Goddesses) and holding their power on your hands. Have you called MEGAMI with advantage in close range, your tactics will be widely different according to your second MEGAMI. Calling MEGAMI with advantage in far range, you may switch your range. Calling MEGAMI with reaction cards, your tactics become dexterous. There are 6 MEGAMIs in this game. Please enjoy 15 combinations.

Each MEGAMI has own advantage; close combat, far combat, many reactions, setting traps, changing form, controling stocks.

Construction under Confronting: You constract your deck AFTER you look at the opponent's MIGAMIs.

Your deck has only 10 cards and one MEGAMI has 11 cards. So you choose 10 cards from 22 cards. You have already known the opponent's MEGAMIs. You may make use of strength of your MEGAMIs. You may counter tactics imaged from the opponent's MEGAMIs. Make your decision.

Three special cards which you may play only once and Seven normal card which rotate in your stock, the key of victory is which cards to choose.

Duel under the SAKURA; The new duel using 32 SAKURA tokens and a game board.

If there are 7 SAKURA tokens on Distance area, The distance between you and the opponent has 7. You may move tokens by playing cards. Then, Being well distance, you may attack the opponent. There are various areas and they each has its own role. Please pay attention to the novel duel.

Distance is the distance between you and the opponent, Life is your health, Aura is useful to guard, Flare is the resource to play special cards, and Shadow is a trash for used tokens.

How to get this game

You may purchase this game with English paste-up sheets at Nippon Entertainment Content Organization (NECO) Booth (#: 2841) at Gen Con 2016. I'm looking forward to meeting you!
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