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You are NOT an adventurer.

This is a typical dungeon fantasy, but you are not an adventurer!
Instead, you are the financial base, an aristocrat employing adventurers to go down and dig out the emperor's treasure. Cause, of course, as the financer, you'll get all the glory!

From a bird's eye

You are sitting one step above the others. You don’t adventure. You just need to decide who to pay and who to employ. You don’t know what’s inside the grave, nor how to handle it.
You have tons of money, but not an unlimited amount. the key to victory is to be the smartest investor.

Each adventurer has his or her own ability. On the other hand, various monsters and treasures hide in the dungeon. Who is the key person?

Everything happens at the same time

Each game has three rounds, one round consisting of four phases. You get your income, you pay money to the thief guild to get information, you employ adventurers, and your party explores the dungeon.
The point is that all decisions are done simultaneously and secretly. You make your choices behind a screen, and then all players remove their screens at the same time.
So you need to outsmart your opponents, too.

Everything that you can do is on the board. Put your screen on it so that the others don't see what you're planning!

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Sorry, this game is out of print.
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