Code of Nine
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player-specific information

You are an automaton left in an ended world, and you must complete the mission the humans left you. Travel the world, and gather the items needed.
It’s not a simple task. The long sleep has faded your memories. At the start of the game, you remember only two of the eight important conditions that you must obey.

Each game will be completely different

The victory conditions (how you gain points) are shown on the memory cards, of which there are 28 different. Only 8 (or 9) of these are randomly chosen each game, which radically changes how you need to play out your game.
Look at the left (or below) image. What would you do if this was the only thing you knew? The memory cards completely change the game.

Normally, a book gains you 1VP and a coin has none. However, in this specific game, each book is wirth 3 points, and coins are a strategic point.

What's so fun about getting lost in information?

You only have 15 turns to act. You choose a location on the board and get an effect at each turn. Each location has various effects. You may gain items, steal items, look at your opponents' memory cards, of even force items on others. You have to choose what action to take. Will you collect items, or try to gaze into other’s memories? It's a battle of information as you wander among the ruins and memories of the past.

Walk to the board, equipped with only memories. Your empty bag will gradually fill up with what you see.

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How to get this game

Zman games publishes this game. Please purchase it from the event or game shops.
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