Tragedy Looper
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Travel the time and break tragedy as HIM or HER.

Who did you think of? That's right, you can play the role of Him, or Her. Wouldn't you want to dive deep into a murdery mystery? Don't you want to try out getting caught in a time spiral? That’s what you do in this game.

You have no information.

"Tragedy Looper" is a scenario based deduction game for 2–4 players; one Mastermind and 1–3 Protagonists.
In the game there are several characters, and you have no idea what secret role they have. You don't know what's going on, or how you can win. So, naturally, you'll lose.
But don't give up, because you can travel in time. You repeat the same scenario a number of times, and you only need to win once. The background plots don't change. The roles don't change. The only think that changes is what you know happened last time. When you start to know what's going on, you can start to fight back.

The scenario consists of character with varying roles, locations and markers depicting various things. You need to figure out what it all means and break the tragic scenario. (The image is used in Japanese edition.)

Let's introduce people to YOUR OWN TRAGEDY.

You can also play as the Mastermind, where you goal is to confuse the protagonists, capture them in the tragic spiral without them solving the mystery. You need to put out false trails, mislead them and crush their hopes. They must dance on your palm!
And you can continue with creating your very own scenario. You need to choose what basic plots will be gong on, which character will have which role, and what indicents will happen to muddle things up.
Of course, there are several sample scenarios for beginners.

Put everything together on the scenario sheet. That's how your very own story starts! (The image is used in Japanese edition.)

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How to get this game

Zman games publishes this game. Please purchase it from the event or game shops.
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